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Drive your sale from Google Adwords:

Google Adwords also known as PPC Services enable you reach a large audience online through paid search advertising. A full range PPC services by Google certified Adwords professionals are offered here to help you achieve sales goals in fast and cost-effective manner. It offers fastest way to promote your products and services. You only pay Google when a user clicks your ads.

Its Benefits
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Drive Traffic In To Your Website
  • Identify Business Prospects
  • Better Advertiser ROI
  • Build Brand
  • Generate Sales Leads
  • Reach
  • Enables reach vast and highly targeted audiences
  • Google provide estimate cost per click, you only know after the click happen
  • No Minimum Spend
  • You choose your own maximum daily spending limit
  • Choose how much you want to spend per click for every keyword
  • Pay Google for user who click on your ad
  • Conversion tracking = real-time return on investment data
  • Ads are continuously matched to internet users' interests
  • Ads are seen by users, who are looking to buy
  • You reach your audience at the right time, with the right message
  • Anytime, anywhere, anything you can change in your campaign
  • See your ads on Google quickly
  • Optimize and change your ads continually to increase ROI
  • Target multiple locations and languages
Why Google Adwords?
  • Used by 80 percent people around the world
  • Reach worldwide customers on one platform
  • Google search in more than 100 languages
  • 17 out of 20 countries use Google to search daily
FAQ's about our PPC Management Team

How good are Radiate E Services PPC Consultants at providing and managing PPC services?
Our dedicated PPC Consultant are very good at managing AdWords campaigns and providing PPC services. Their team approach get the best results for the PPC advertising clients. They are capable of of solving the most difficult cases.

What types of clients are best served by Radiate E Services PPC Services?
Radiate E Servicesoffers a variety of web marketing services for advertisers to small business owners, medium-sized companies & agencies who can invest in Google AdWords advertising.

Is Radiate E Services a Google Reseller?
No. We are a premium Google SME Partner and involve a negligible PPC services management fees. Our customers can benefit from in-depth knowledge, product expertise and direct access to Google.

Will you use my existing AdWords account, or will you create a new account for me?
Its all up to you. Typically we will be using your existing Pay-Per-Click account. This way we are enabling you to optimize your budget allotted to Paid Search Advertising.

Do I get regular reports about my account?
Yes, you will receive reports and calls from your dedicated PPC Consultant on regular basis. You will have a free subscription to our PPC platform so that you have complete access to your cadata.

What if I want to take over management of my paid advertising campaigns at some point?
It is absolutely possible. You have access to your account on our pay-per-click platform at any time. After you have gained enough research knowledge and confidence to manage your paid search campaigns, you can easily transfer from full Consulting Services to our “Do-It-Yourself” platform in minutes.

Does your team require annual or long-term commitments?
No, we do not engage anybody in long-term commitments here. However, we all know that building and managing effective PPC campaigns takes some time & consistency. If you are not satisfied with the results you at any time can discontinue our services with a prior notice.

How soon can you begin to work on my account once I sign on?
As soon as we receive your call, we start right away. Our team of dedicated PPC Consultants will give you a call to discuss your goals and strategies.

What it cost to have Radiate E Services manage my PPC account?
At Radiate E Services, we start your PPC Services at…./month. For more details visit us online. You can also contact us for a detailed quote.

Is there a one-time fee to begin working on my account?
Radiate E Services PPC Services does not involve any extra or hidden fees. You can begin working on your account with your first month payment.

How do I get started?
To start your PPC services, you need to just send us a request for consultation online, or call us at ( mobile no.).

What Google can do for Advertisers?

Objective Example Success Metrics
Generate awareness • Targeted impressions
Build brand • Qualified visits your website
Educate prospects • Depth of involvement
Generate leads Request for proposals
Identify prospects • Coupon downloads
• Newsletter registrations
• Email address opt-ins
Customer acquisiton • Sales conversions
Sales • Lower cost per lead/sale

Customized dashboard as per your requirements

  1. Keyword performance
  2. Ad performance
  3. Destination URL performance
  4. Ad group performance
  5. Campaign performance
  6. Account performance
  7. Geographic performance
  8. Demographic performance
  9. Search term performance
  10. Placement performance