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What is "Product Section" ?

'Products' is a user friendly interface that helps you choose and post strategic mix of rich content, latest designs and proper sequencing of your products. It is a B2B integrated promotional service, where you can post and edit unlimited number of products.

Benefits of Product Section
  • Integrated promotional service, absolutely free of cost.
  • Add and promote unlimited products, FREE OF COST
  • Get more responses & visibility for your product / services
  • By adding one product can increase up to 10 enquiries
  • High visibility on Smedunia network, web and search engines
This section has following sub-sections tabs
  • Add New Product
  • Manage Product
  • Add New Group
  • Manage Groups

Add New Product

What is Add New Product section ?
This section allows you to add new products/services. You can add unlimited products/services to your catalogs.

Manage Your Products

What is "Manage Products" ?
It is an organized and easy way to manage products that gives you a quick view of complete products details. You can also check you product status (approved, pending or rejected).

  • Quick view of complete product details
  • Allows you to add products in more categories
  • Provide more online visibility to your products
  • Add extra pages in your catalog free of cost
  • Allows you to provide additional details of the products

Manage Product Groups

What is "Manage Product Groups" section ?
Smedunia.in allows users to add products in additional groups and categories besides the suggested ones with right searchable keywords along with product group name, description and image.

Group Your Product
  • Define product group / category
  • Add new product group / category
  • Each new product group will add a new page in your catalog
  • Select appropriate category out of available 60,000 Smedunia business categories