External Trade
  • India To Buy Armed Heron Drones From Israel
    15 Sep, 2015

    In one of the deals aimed towards improving India's combat power, the Government of India has approved the procurement of 10 missile armed drones from Israel. The drones are supposed to intensify India's power of conducting cross border strike capability. The total deal is set to cost India a staggering amount of $400 million.
    The drones would be the first armed ones directly operated by the Indian Air Force. Heron Drones are capable of carrying payloads of over 1000 kilograms and can perform reconnaissance, support and combat roles on their own. Once inducted in the Indian Defence Forces, the unmanned flying units would make India perform strikes at various terrorist and allied locations with minimum risk involved. The drones will carry air to the land missiles and will really help Indian forces to carry strikes at even the most dangerous of enemy territories.
    India is already working on developing indigenous line of drones under the drone programme named as “Rustom 2”. The basic principle of using an armed drone is to send, probe and engage enemy at times without risking the life of a pilot.
    India will be counted amongst a few countries to have armed drones in its arsenal once Israel delivers the unmanned combat vehicles. Most of the countries today have a drone programme of their own limited by technology and inability to conduct strikes. Currently, India and Israel are also exploring the possibility of developing drones jointly.

    Source: Economic Times