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This Products directory lets you to explore a wide variety of products offered by Indian manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of different industries. You can view, post and advertise your variety of products at this category and can find potential buyers easily. Also, you can generate best leads and business inquiries for different products' at this category.


B2B Products Directory

Wholesalers cover a large portion of the market today. Buying Wholesale Products in India is quite common due to the better quality and lesser price than the retailers. These wholesale products directory act as an asset in the retail market with the retailers acting as the middlemen providing these products to the consumers.

Smedunia plays a vital role in creating a B2B relation between buyers and wholesalers. The vast Products Directory enables the probable buyers to choose from a variety of products, and also allows the sellers to categorize their products in an appropriate manner, leading to an increase in their clientele. People provide these wholesale products at nominal prices so that they can reach the consumers. Thus, Smedunia can help you in both scenarios, which is if you want to buy something, or want to sell at a wholesale price.