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In recent years, it has observed a brisk growth in electronic component industry in India. Currently, Indian electronic market is up to US $45 Bn, growing by more than 22 percent. This estimation can exceed up to US $135 by 2014. Expected growth is up to 400 Bn by 2020. There are many electronic product makers and suppliers operating across India. They have been manufacturing variety of electronic items such as automation sensors, capacitors, AC relay and switches, and rest of the electronic engineering items used in varied domains. However, Indian electronic product industry has got engagement with renowned electronic brands worldwide.

At this category, you will get details of variety of electronic signs, stocks, equipments, active and passive components, and rest of the electronic accessories of finest electronic brands and companies of India. Also, you can find details of finest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of electronic items and service providers of India here at this site.