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With the passage of time Rubber and plastic industry is also touching new heights in India. Both are raw materials, which are widely used at diverse industries for making variety of products like moulds, buckets, bins, sheets, plates, boxes, coating powders, straws and many more. All such products are used at domestic and commercial places in India on a daily basis. However, the demand of such items is also being increased and manufacturers are putting efforts to make more items day by day.

Here at Smedunia, we empower our customers to come and find a wide array of Rubber and Plastic made items used at diverse fields. Check out this category, which includes ample of plastic products and rubber made items used for different purposes in day to day life. Also, this category lets customers to explore wide directory of India's leading manufactures and suppliers in a systematic manner. Compare all sorts of products and their makers and suppliers' details here at this category and choose right one to deal with wisely.